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Need of IP QoS
Analyze the result of applied QoS policy by real-time or specified period and create the reports of diverse forms for user's sake of convenience by fulfilling statistical analysis for each QoS policy and traffic per class. Configure a new QoS policy based on the analyzed result and operate more efficient network through re-analyzed feedback process. Accumulated data through above process could be used as valuable data that enable the comparison of network operation status and the forecast of network operation and investment for the future.
Required improvement
-Capability to provide reliable advanced quality of SLA through traffic management
-Traffic use analysis by ranking top users, applications and IP
-Capability of integrating centralized management of regional networks at head office
-Customizing ability for future requests
-Guarantee of non-packet loss through QoS performance
-Perfect fail-over function to guarantee non-stop service
-Convenient reporting function
Why TaskQoS
Hanaro Telecom was considering adaptation of QoS solution to upgrade their service quality over its competitors so held BMT competition among major QoS carriers (TaskQoS, Paccketeer, Allot) and chose TaskQoS for its [user-oriented convenience], [price competitiveness] and [outstanding QoS performance]. For mega sized companies as our client, investment amount itself really does not matter but its effectiveness and ROI (return of investment). If TaskQoS was only cheaper than Packeteer or Allot without better QoS performance, our client would not have chosen TaskQoS. Being the one and only QoS solution supplier of a major ISP in Korea means to prove that TaskQoS is the world best performing QoS exclusive equipment for its current outstanding performance and unlimited potentials in the future.
Post-effects of TaskQoS
- Actualization of reliable SLA through efficient bandwidth allocation
- Enabled to provide highly advanced network service through service net improvement.
- Potential improvement in company profit structure and service quality
- Cost saving when compared to other brands
- Better convenience and higher effectiveness compared to other brands
- Enabled network analysis though TQLog and eased network administration
- Enabled convenient & integrated central administration of sub-networks through HiTMS
(Customized version of TQCMS)
- Reliable maintenance service.

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